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Dick and Dianne Nelms

 "I cannot begin to express my appreciation to John W. Montague Jr. Inc., their staff and the sub-contractors they worked with to build our home.  I have worked in the real estate industry for forty five years.  I have seen good work and I have seen bad work.  John W. Montague Jr. Inc. gives exceptional service.  They are the best!" 

John and Leslie Congdon

 "On schedule, on budget, no surprises, no problems, and everything was top quality" 

Allen and Hannah Cohen

 "John W. Montague Jr. Inc. tuned into us as if they read our minds, and they turned everything we had imagined into reality.  their incredible dedication to building the best house at the highest quality possible goes well beyond the normal call of duty.

The Montague's are total perfectionist about everything they do.  They only use subcontractors that put the customer first.  With the Montagues on the job we were unbelievably stress-free.

In short if there is a perfect general contractor - fair, honest, perceptive, and professional - it's John W. Montague Jr. Inc." 

Susan Terry

 "From a single woman's perspective, building a house is a terrifying experience.  However, with the Montagues, it was a positive one.  the builder helped me to stay ahead of his workers so everything stayed on schedule.  He guided me through everything from clearing the lot to the final walk through.  Any time that I needed to make any changes, he was polite and accommodating.  The subs respected the Montagues and knew the perfection that they expected.  The whole experience went smoothly and I was extremely pleased with my new home.  I even got to move in on the date that  they had originally predicted"