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Our Philosophy

 John W. Montague Jr. Inc. encourages strong client involvement.   Clients have the opportunity to work directly with architects, designers, vendors and subcontractors who help guide them in the creation of a home that meets their wants and needs.  Virtually every component of the home from the foundation to the roof is culled from the best sources on todays market ensuring a home that is solid, energy efficient, and architecturally pleasing to the eye.

John W. Montague Jr. Inc. utilizes the most modern building techniques and technology while retaining the finest quality and craftsmanship in their homes.  Their business philosophy is simply doing everything right the first time.  They continually inspect every detail of the homes with a hands on approach.  This helps to ensure quality and client satisfaction.  However the client relationship does not end there.

They continue to stand behind every project and will do everything possible to make sure the experience is enjoyable and satisfying for all parties involved. Most importantly after settling into their new home, the client will have the confidence that they made a wise choice in having JWM Jr. Inc. build their new home.

Please contact John W. Montague Jr. Inc. to discuss your project and learn how they can make your dream a reality.